iVerify, helping Realtors build loyalty with Home History Reports

Realtors®, how to use iVerify home history reports to build loyalty


First and foremost, iVerify was created and founded to provide Real Estate professionals with a much called for industry tool to permit them too easily and quickly search the history of a home against certain events that, according to most provincial laws and the court of public opinion must and should be disclosed.

Not only does iVerify provide you with the best data, it also provides your consumers with a proof that you did all you could to protect them because in the end he said she said just isn’t good enough to build integrity and referrals when dealing with one’s purchase of a lifetime.

Mark Weisleder said  “  Sellers who provide this report will probably attract more serious buyers, because more disclosure demonstrates more integrity “

Like everything else in your business, how your customer reacts to the information depends on how you present it to them. The iVerify report shouldn’t only be used as a disclosure tool but as a sales tool. A sales tool that, we promise will make you stand out of the crowd and rise to the top. Real estate loyalty doesn’t just mean a customer coming back, it means how many referrals you’ll receive from one successful sale. iVerify understands this and provides you with information your competitors are most likely not yet using or don’t utilize its full sales potential.

At first glance, small volume part time “professionals” might see this as a potential deal breaker. With a small deal portfolio every deal counts, but the difference between you and them is that you understand the best minds in the industry didn’t just build their brand around their name and their franchise by “trying” to get every sale, they built their brand on loyalty and integrity. Yes showing a trouble free iVerify report will help you close a deal but a report showing issues with a property will bring you 10X the amount of deals from the gratitude and trust you will gain from these homebuyers.

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