Standing up for what’s right

Standing up for what’s right

Setting the record straight

Ottawa On,

It recently came to our attention that we had made an Ottawa area broker very unhappy for advising the buyers and their Realtor® that they had purchased a grow op in the summer of 2013.

Following incoming calls from concerned customers and supporters of iVerify we felt the need to clear  the air on the circumstances of this story. First and foremost we wish to state that our main objective is to supply Realtors®, sellers, home inspectors and home buyers with a tool to easily identify known facts about a property and to properly disclose them to potential home buyers.

The Story

As part of an awareness campaign we, from time to time search random homes for sale and look them up against CLORAD (Clandestine Lab Operation Residential Address Database), making sure sellers and agents alike are aware of their listing’s stigma. On Feb 14 2013 we found a specific address listed on the FSBO website “” which had been dismantled by the Ottawa Polices Services in 2002 with over 200 Plants seized. We contacted the owner of the property who had bought the property under a power of sale from the bank in 2003. He indicated to us that he had no idea about the previous grow op. We advised him of the importance of disclosing this information to potential buyers and gave him a copy of the report as reference.

In early January, 2014, we decided to follow up on this listing.  It had been sold in the summer of 2013 through an agent. After we had specifically advised the seller of this important disclosure, we were surprised to find that the MLS listing sheet presented no evidence of disclosure. We followed up  with the buyer’s agent to determine if they had been made aware of the stigma attached to this property.  Unfortunately, neither the buyers nor their agent had been made aware of this.

In order to maintain full transparency and with all involved parties, we proceeded to contact the listing agent.  Expecting that he would be similarly shocked by this lack of disclosure, since RECO states that , we were surprised that he became irate and asked what business we had informing the buyer and listing agent.

Unfortunately, this kind of attitude is exactly the reason that we feel the need to bring this kind of awareness campaign to bear.  While the majority of agents operate their businesses with the highest ethical principles and work within RECO’s established standards, there are some that feel that proper disclosure is too much of an impact on their ability to make a sale.  Within the Realtor community, there is also a sense that it is possible to spot grow ops with only a visual inspection from a building inspector, which has proven over and over not to be the case.  As the most complete, national registry of grow ops in Canada, Iverify is the only way that a Realtor can be sure that they have properly disclosed material facts about a property to the best of their ability.

IVerify remains committed to working with and supporting ethical Realtors in providing the information needed to disclose material facts about a property to potential buyers and to fully live up to the standard eschewed by RECO and its sister organizations across the country.

New service

In order to make access to our grow op registry more affordable for Realtors®, iVerify is also announcing that they are taking pre-registration to their new $10 a month subscription service. For this monthly fee, a Realtor® will have the ability to search an unlimited number of properties against CLORAD (our Canadian grow op registry).

Interested brokerages or agents should email to register.


Alexandre Morin

Founder & President


Source : iVerify is a Canadian company that supplies address centric Home History Reports, Their reports contains the following data:


  • Insurance claims data ( Canada wide )
  • Insurance Claims amount ( Canada Wide )
  • Insurance Claims dates ( Canada wide )
  • Clandestine lab and Grow op information ( Canada wide )
  • Municipal building permit status ( Ontario only )
  • Previous sales prices ( Ontario only )
  • Build date ( Ontario only )
  • Structure information ( Ontario only)

Follow the link for a sample report:

To obtain more information contact:  Alexandre Morin


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